CNC Manufacturing

Pairing the 5-axis capability with our manufacturing experience allows us to produce parts more efficiently. Working with multiple industries gives us a unique perspective on design.  We strive to provide finished products on time with extremely tight tolerances.

Need New CNC Parts or Projects?

Look no further than our Haas VF2SSYT with 5-axis Capability. 


We manufacture tight tolerance fixtures and components for the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Firearms and Power Generation industries.

Why Choose Us


Prototyping, Hard Milling, Fixturing, Micro Machining, and Small Batch Production


Components designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of precision and quality

Industry Support

Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Firearms, Power Generation and many more

Size Capabilities

Parts production ranging in size from 2.5 feet to parts smaller than 1 inch

Our team of talented professionals is here to assist you with top-notch solutions.

Many of our projects are completed under NDA’s.

However, here are some samples of other work.

75mm Pnumatic Vice Jaws with Custom Serrated Inserts

These Jaws fit the Haas 75mm Pnumatic Vice. For the best workholding force and process reliability, they are paired with our 45 degree Dovetail Inserts that fit all of our custom Jaw solutions.

45 degree Dovetail Inserts

Our 45 degree Dovetail Serrated inserts provide a great variety of work holding options.  It can be raw stock or a matching dovetail in the work piece, these are our standard inserts we use in house to manufacture nearly all of our work.

Custom Work Holding Jaws

These Custom Jaws were manufactured to fit a Haas 5″ Vice. We took the customers concept for a process, and provided them with just the right work holding solution they required to make their parts.

Custom Base Plate Fixture

This is a 43″ long sub-plate for a full custom job. We manufactured these components as well as several others to make the customers production time drop almost in half with the final product. 

Haas 5" or 6" Reversible Vice Soft Jaws

Our most basic product that everyone needs! If you have a Haas 5″ vice or 6″ vice and need soft jaws for your second OP’s, Look no further than our Reversible Soft Jaws. We offer a wide Variety of sizes and will take custom size and pre-cutting requests as well.

Alignment Part

This Part was programmed so that it could be loaded in any orientation in a vice and custom probing cycles would locate and align it always making a good part.

Serrated Jaws

These serrated Jaws were made to fit a multi station vice and use low head cap screws for quick jaw swapout. 1/4 in dowel pin holes align the parts precisely for machining while the seration design gives the maximum grip force.

Precision Bore

This part is an example of a large through bore which was held to .0002 of an inch over the entire run using custom probing cycles.

Swiss Army Jaws

These are our Swiss army jaws. They can take a Variety of in house manufactured work-holding solutions to hold almost any part that can fit in the stroke of a self-centering Vice. The holes in the front of the jaws, will accept the Mitee-Bite VeraGrip’s or a 3/4″ magnet to hold parallels. The top slot directly accepts our Dovetail Inserts, or a variety of inserts to allow for rise of the parts or more VersaGrip options. These are Built to fit the Haas 5″ Vice and ship with 4 Dovetail Inserts

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